• Introduction

    For the second installment of my learning portfolio I have decided to present it in the format of a blog. This is because it allows me to express my educational journey in Leadership and Influence more comprehensively, and allows others to explore it in a more organic fashion. I believe a word document would have restricted my ability to convey my thoughts, by not allowing me to present quotes, images and videos in a dynamic way.

    I have chosen to discuss the course under theme headings rather than going through each week in a chronological fashion. This is because I believe that one of the key strengths of the course was that it was so integrated and I do not think it would do the course justice to separate out each week in such a arbitrary fashion. The themes themselves covered many weeks and each week was too interrelated for me to justify separating them out.

    This allows me to show what elements of the course stood out most to me and how I see each week falling into these headings. This learning portfolio hopes to illustrate how I see the material as inter-relating and how the course allows relates to both my degree and life on a larger scale. I also hope to illustrate how the course has impacted on my own definition of myself as a leader and how I hope to continue my journey as a leader into the future.

    These headings are by no means intended to be a definitive and complete list of what was taught in this course but are chosen due to their relative importance to me, my understanding of the course, and for how they show the interplay of the learning experience from week to week.

    The word limit has meant that there were some elements of the course I haven’t been able to explore as fully as I would have otherwise liked to, and so have prioritized the most influential parts of the course over those elements which were of less impact on me.

    Richard Dean Keys
    Wednesday 9 November 2011

    Word count (excluding week 13 speeches and group presentations): 4386

    The image used on the homepage of this blog is a picture of the United Nations Security Council chamber, or the Norwegian Room, featuring a mural by the Norwegian artist Per Krohg which shows a phoenix rising from the ashes. This mural depicts the world after World War II, and the hope that leadership can bring.

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VCUG2002 – Learning Portfolio

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